Over the span of eight years, The children of Las Brisas captures the lives of three impoverished children as they struggle towards the dream of becoming professional musicians in Venezuela. Now, as young adults, amidst the country’s downward spiral, Edixon, Dissandra and Wuilly look for a better outcome. How do they manage to overcome the country’s wide deterioration?

This is the story of the things people do to overcome the obstacles and tragedies that stand in their way, and the sacrifices and hardships endured to reach dreams in the turmoil of a society in chaos. The children of Las Brisas shows how the power of art can act as a healing mechanism for individuals, and how the sheer majesty of classical music contrasts in its tropical contextualization.

Full of vibrancy and emotion, The children of Las Brisas gives a unique portrait into the contemporary Venezuelan existence.