Marianela Maldonado


In 2009, I had the opportunity to get to know the recently opened Las Brisas music school and speak with the neighbors about their involvement with “El Sistema”, a musical program created in the seventies to provide musical education to underserved communities. I wanted to show something different about this organization, which had already been glorified in a few documentaries.

I was lucky to meet a few kids from the first class of Las Brisas orchestra and their families, unaware that they would become a permanent part of my life. During the years of filming, one thing we learned is that dreams can help people overcome terrible obstacles and suffering. We believe that the mental fortitude these children acquired through their musical education gave them the skills to survive beyond the context of orchestras and institutions.

This story explores a collective fantasy that lost touch with reality and offered a social narrative that had no conclusion. After all, flooding a society with millions of violinists looking for jobs might not be the best idea for a country that can barely keep its children well fed and healthy.